Smarty (1934) Review

The Particulars of the Picture Vicki … Joan Blondell Tony … Warren William Vernon … Edward Everett Horton Anita … Claire Dodd George … Frank McHugh Bonnie … Joan Wheeler Smarty: Slap Happy Spanking, slapping, screwing. If any of those intrigue you, you may be interested in Smarty, one of […]

Pre-Code Movies on TCM in March 2020

So yesterday I sat down and took a deep breath and said, “Wow, thank goodness, 31 Days of Oscar is almost over.” And then I thought, “That means February is almost over.” And then I remembered I had to do this post. Good on me! For those of you who […]

Pre-Code Movies on TCM in December 2019

Wow. We survived 2019. Well, I mean this is premature, but it’s sure looking like we’re making it through at this point. Our reward for it appears to be The Story of Temple Drake on blu-ray (finally) and Joan Blondell month on TCM. There are ton of excellent Blondell pre-Codes […]

Claire Dodd Topper

Claire Dodd – The Other Woman

In every one of her movies, Claire Dodd plays exactly the kind of woman you worry about running into: smart, sly, sexy, and utterly amoral. She often came between the heroine and hero whether either of them liked it or not, and she always managed it with a delicious amount […]

Edward Everett Horton – The Milquetoast

It’s hard not to know Edward Everett Horton once you’ve seen him, and, considering the number of classics he practiced his scene-stealing mastery in, I’d be surprised if you haven’t caught him at least once. Of his nearly 200 screen performances, more than 30 of them came during the pre-Code […]