Pre-Code Movies on TCM in August 2015

Pre-Code.Com Site News for August 2015

Ah, August! It’s time for TCM’s annual ‘Summer Under the Stars’ programming block, where each day is dedicated to a different star of old Hollywood. It’s usually a mix between more enduring stars, and some slightly more obscure ones. This summer’s selection is certainly eclectic, with everyone from Ann-Margaret to Virginia Bruce getting their time to shine.

Three stars in particular having almost entire days revolving around pre-Code films: Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Mae Clarke, and Greta Garbo. Looking at availability of their films, the number of their movies I’ve already reviews, and the delicious irony of scheduling a bunch of reviews around her the month after I finished my Cagney retrospective, I’ve decided to spend the month of August with reviews dedicated to the career of Mae Clarke. I won’t be able to finish her filmography (there are a number of her movies I just can’t find), but I should be able to take out a good chunk.

Meanwhile, I have a big announcement to make this month for people who enjoy reading smart takes on pre-Code movies. That probably includes you. Stay tuned!

Pre-Code Hollywood Movies on TCM in August

Please note: All times are Pacifc. This schedule is subject to change. See the full listings here. To watch TCM online if you have a cable subscription, check out their TCM Watch site.

Date & Time

Adolphe Menjou Day

3rd, 6:00 AM The Easiest Way (1931)

3rd, 7:15 AM Men Call It Love (1931)
A man leaves his mistress to court a happily married woman.

3rd, 8:45 AM The Great Lover (1931)
A womanizing opera star falls in love with his innocent young protegee. With Irene Dunne.

4th, 1:30 AM New Moon (1930)
A Russian lieutenant falls in love with a beautiful princess. Shit, or is this the vampire movie? I can’t remember.

Ginger Rogers Day

5th, 3:00 AM Flying Down to Rio (1933)

5th, 4:30 AM The Gay Divorcee (1934)

Katharine Hepburn Day

7th, 3:00 AM Little Women (1933)

Joan Crawford Day

10th, 7:30 AM Dancing Lady (1933)
A musical star is trapped in a love triangle between Clark Gable and Franchot Tone. Wonder who wins.

10th, 9:15 AM Sadie McKee (1934)

10th, 11:00 AM Forsaking All Others (1934)

Groucho Marx Day

14th, 3:15 PM Animal Crackers (1930)

14th, 5:00 PM Monkey Business (1931)

14th, 6:30PM Horse Feathers (1932)

14th, 7:45 PM Duck Soup (1933)

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Day

15th, 3:00 AM Chances (1931)
Two brothers fight for the same girl in World War I.

15th, 4:15 AM Union Depot (1932)

15th, 5:30 AM It’s Tough to Be Famous (1932)
Fame complicates a naval hero’s life.

15th, 7:00 AM The Narrow Corner (1933)
A man on the run for murder hides out on a remote Pacific island.

15th, 8:15 AM Captured! (1933)
Leslie Howard, Douglas Fairbanks, and Paul Lukas are in a POW camp. Directed by Roy Del Ruth.

15th, 9:00 PM Flight Commander AKA The Dawn Patrol (1930)

15th, 11:00 PM Parachute Jumper (1933)

16th, 12:15 AM Little Caesar (1930)

16th, 1:45 PM Success At Any Price (1934)
A young man ruthlessly climbs the corporate ladder. With Genevieve Tobin. This one is really hard to find, so record it.

Mae Clarke Day

20th, 8:00 AM The Fall Guy (1930)
An unemployed druggist gets mixed up with gangsters.

20th, 9:15 AM Turn Back the Clock (1933)

20th, 10:45 AM Penthouse (1933)
Myrna Loy plays a high class escort out to solve the murder of an actress who seems to die a lot in these sort of movies.

20th, 12:30 PM Parole Girl (1933)
Mae Clarke decides to mess up Ralph Bellamy’s life.

20th, 2:00 PM This Side of Heaven (1934)
An eccentric family tries to work together when the father is accused of embezzlement.

20th, 3:30 PM The Man With Two Faces (1934)
An actor uses his skills to protect his sister from her sinister husband.

20th, 5:00 PM Waterloo Bridge (1931)

20th, 6:30 PM Frankenstein (1931)
I know how you just pronounced the film’s name in your head, but it’s ‘Frahnk-en-schtein’.

20th, 7:45 PM Fast Workers (1933)
John Gilbert hangs out in skyscrapers whenever he’s not ogling Mae Clarke.

20th, 9:00 PM The Penguin Pool Murder (1932)

20th, 10:15 PM Lady Killer (1933)

20th, 11:45 PM The Public Enemy (1931)

21st, 1:15 AM The Front Page (1931)
It’s like His Girl Friday, only older.

Marlene Dietrich Day

22nd, 6:15 AM The Blue Angel (1930)
A man destroys his life for a woman.

22nd, 7:15 PM Shanghai Express (1932)
“It took more than one man to earn me the nickname ‘Shanghai Lily’.”

Virginia Bruce (!) Day

25th, 3:30 PM Kongo (1932)

25th, 5:00 PM Downstairs (1932)

Greta Garbo Day

26th, 7:00 AM Romance (1930)
An opera singer leaves her wealthy lover for a young priest.

26th, 8:30 AM Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise (1931)
A farm girl runs away and has a series of affairs in the city. With Clark Gable.

26th, 10:00 AM Mata Hari (1931)

26th, 11:30 AM The Painted Veil (1934)

26th, 8:45 PM Grand Hotel (1932)

Gary Cooper Day

30th, 4:30 AM Today We Live (1933)
A young girl’s love life causes havoc in World War I. With Joan Crawford.

30th, 9:00 AM One Sunday Afternoon (1933)
A revenge seeking man realizes he doesn’t have as many issues as he thought.

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