Born To Be Bad (1934) Review

Proof That It’s Pre-Code

  • The very second shot of the film is Loretta Young in lingerie. They didn’t mess around back then!
  • Single motherhood, child abuse, cheating the legal system, marital infidelity…
  • “The trick is getting him to make love. And the wrong kind of making love.”
  • Oh, and Cary Grant in a rare non-comedic role.

Danny LIKEThe thrill of revisiting films over eight decades old is that you get to see old stories back when they were seen as exciting and daring. The plot of Born to Be Bad could come from a Lifetime Original, but the stars and direction show just how many thrills you could get out this standby plot.

Loretta Young plays a very single mom, insomuch that she spends every night at the bar whining and dining a successive series of men who may even be referred to as clients, if you get my drift. Loretta has a boy named Mickey back at home, and he’s a little rapscallion. He lies, cheats, and steals, but he’s cute doing it, which I guess it what counts in most situations.

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