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Pre-Code.Com Site News for December 2013

By the time you read this, I will be putting the finishing touches on my fourth semester of Grad school. I’m very excited since I get the next two months off, though those will be packed with activities as I prepare to move across the ocean.

Also! Since the last time we talked, one very important development has arisen. TCM launched its own app and website called Watch TCM which streams the channel online. That in and of itself would be great, but they also keep many titles available for streaming for days afterward. There’s a catch, naturally– you have to be a TCM subscriber (or be a good friend of one like me 😉 ) to access the content. You can get a longer and more detailed rundown over at Cinematically Insane.

In less classic film related news and more general ‘me’ stuff, I contributed to Forgotten Filmz’ annual Crush Blog-A-Thon. My piece, on 2001’s perennially underrated Josie and the Pussycats and the perennially beautiful Rachael Leigh Cook, popped up today.

Back to pre-Code stuff! (I should have organized this better, I apologize.) During some down time this month, I updated the Wikipedia List of Pre-Code Movies page with the newly listed titles; it’s grown by quite a bit since I created the page, and while I don’t agree with some of the movies being on there (Thirty Day Princess? Really?), I’ll still plan to cover all of them at some point in the future. I’ve also sketched a few more expansions to the site that you may be seeing over the next few months.

But for now, I hope you and yours have a wonderfully wintery holiday season!

Upcoming Reviews in December

  • I’ve found over the last few years in writing these reviews that I like more movies than I find indifferent and am indifferent to far more movies than I dislike. This month will actually mess with that trend: three movies in December rated a ‘Dislike’ from me, so prepare for some grumpiness.
  • However, as part of a December blog-a-thon in cooperation with CMBA, I will actually be discussing my favorite film of all time, one that is an essential pre-Code, an essential comedy, and an essential film all around.
  • And just to make the holidays go down smoother, two pre-Code entries from a legendary dance team who’re still on our lips today.

Pre-Code Hollywood Movies on TCM in December

Please note: All times are Eastern. This schedule is subject to change. See the full listings here. To watch TCM online, check out their TCM Watch site.

Date Time Film Link
3rd 6:00 AM Doorway to Hell (1930)
Despite his efforts to go straight, a young gangster keeps falling back into crime.
My Review
3rd 2:00 PM Little Caesar (1930)
A small-time hood shoots his way to the top, but how long can he stay there?
3rd 3:30 PM The Public Enemy (1931)
An Irish-American street punk tries to make it big in the world of organized crime.
4th 5:00 PM Flying Down to Rio (1933)
A dance-band leader finds love and success in Brazil.
4th 7:00 PM The Gay Divorcee (1934)
An unhappily married woman mistakes a suitor for the gigolo hired to end her marriage.
6th 5:00 PM Blonde Venus (1932)
A nightclub singer gives in to a rich playboy to finance her husband’s medical treatment.
6th 7:00 PM Cleopatra (1934)
The fabled queen of Egypt leads Julius Caesar and Marc Antony astray. Warren William galore!
9th 3:30 AM Another Language (1933)
A newlywed discovers that she and her husband’s snobby family speak different languages.
10th 3:00 AM Manhattan Melodrama (1934)
Boyhood friends grow up on opposite sides of the law. Hot Clark Gable versus William Powell action.
11th 3:45 AM Huddle (1932)
A steelworker’s son becomes a college football hero.
11th 5:30 AM College Coach (1933)
A timid chemistry major becomes a college football star.
12th 11:00 PM What Price Hollywood? (1932)
A drunken director whose career is fading helps a waitress become a Hollywood star.
15th 3:00 PM The Thin Man (1934)
A husband-and-wife detective team takes on the search for a missing inventor and almost get killed for their efforts. William Powell and Myrna Loy classic; excellent drinking game so long as you don’t drink along with the characters.
16th 3:00 PM Attorney For the Defense (1932)
A ruthless attorney tries to make amends for convicting an innocent man.
20th 3:00 AM No Other Woman (1933)
A newly rich couple finds wealth drives them apart. An Irene Dunne movie.
20th 4:00 AM Anne Vickers (1933)
A social worker’s fight for reform is compromised by her love for a corrupt judge. Oh, God, another Irene Dunne movie.
23rd 5:00 AM Little Women (1933)
The four March sisters fight to keep their family together and find love while their father is off fighting the Civil War. TCM’s last pre-Code for the year seems wholly appropriate for Christmastime at least.

Questions? Comments? Or do you just want to bug me? Leave a comment below!

10 Replies to “Pre-Code Movies on TCM in December 2013 and Other Site News”

  1. I’ve had this argument with someone before, but… “The Gay Divorcee” was filmed in the summer of ’34 and released in OCTOBER. We all know the Code was enforced on July 1st of ’34, so even though I’m sure the screenplay was written before the enforcement, isn’t it technically not a Pre-Code film when it was released well after the Code had started?

    1. Technically, no, and I probably wouldn’t cover it if it weren’t in the Wikipedia list. There’s still some risque stuff in it, but compared to, say, Flying Down to Rio, it really isn’t in the same league. When I review it (did I spoil that I’m hitting in the next few weeks?) I definitely point out how much you can tell the difference from something truly pre-Code and something coming out after the enforcement.

      1. You didn’t exactly spoil it, but how many well-known Pre-Code dance teams are there? I knew you didn’t mean Bert Wheeler and Dorothy Lee! 😉

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