My Summer Vacation!

Red White and Blondell
Red White and Blondell

This week is my 30th birthday, and I’ll be spending it with my wife in Hawaii… so I’m taking a short rest. 😉

I’ll be back in a week with a July-long series of reviews dedicated to my favorite star of old Hollywood. Until then!

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  1. Happy birthday, Danny, my friend. Hoping you and your wife have a great time.

    Now, do I have to wait a week to find out who your favorite star of the period is?

    1. Heh, sorry, I actually made the post while I was on vacation. I’m going to do a month dedicated to Barbara Stanwyck, hopefully rounding out the last of her Pre-Code filmography in August. I have so many little checklists, and this seemed like a nice one to finish off. 🙂

      1. I really should have figured that one out with the Blogathon coming up. Speaking of which, I’ve got to jump on these things a little quicker, you had my first choice!

        1. Ha! Well, I lucked out there I guess. I’m looking forward to the blogathon, since Stanwyck had such a variety of a career there’s sure to be some interesting articles.

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