Wild Boys of the Road (1933) Review

Danny LIKEEddie sneers. He’s just been arrested after being set-up to give a robbery note to the box office woman of an old movie house. He now stands in front of a judge who has been swiftly condemning all the actions that Eddie and his two friends have gone on in their coast-to-coast quest to find a job.

Finally, Eddie can’t take it any more. “You say you’ve got to send us to jail to keep us off the streets. Well, that’s a lie. You’re sending us to jail because you don’t want to see us. You want to forget us. But you can’t do it because I’m not the only one. There’s thousands just like me, and there’s more hitting the road every day.”

His friend Tommy, standing on a pair of hastily constructed crutches, adds, “You read in the papers about giving people help. The banks get it. The soldiers get it. The breweries get it. And they’re always yelling about giving it to the farmers. What about us? We’re kids!”

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