Half Shot at Sunrise (1930) Review

Proof That It’s Pre-Code

  • Large chunks of satire aimed at the government and the military, which the Production Code enforcement would later directly prevent.
Woolsey gets seduced by another strong woman, and she rips his clothes off. Literally, piece by piece.
  • Our racy lines for this week are as follows:

“As Adam said to Eve, pick yourself a couple of leaves.”

An attractive woman coos: “Can’t you be nice to me?”
Woolsey’s response: “I can’t be nice to you, I’m married!”

“He wants me to make love to you so you won’t turn us in!”

“Lovely war we’re having!”

  • Just as a reminder, the word ‘make’ in a lot of Pre-Codes refers to the act of making love. So when Bert says something like the following, you may understand what the gag is:

“I may look like a million dollars, but I’ll be much easier to make.” Continue reading “Half Shot at Sunrise (1930) Review”