Under 18 (1931) Review, with Marian Marsh and Warren William

Proof That It’s Pre-Code

Look, I just have to prove I’m not making this stuff up.
  • The movie begins with a raucous wedding, and everyone busts out beers for toasting.
  • Spousal abuse and marital strife played for fun and laughter. The couple who got married at the beginning of the movie, Sophie (Anita Page) and Alf (Norman Foster), go through a rough patch, and Sophie ends up demanding a divorce. You can also point to its age when you notice that Sophie gets socked for giving Alf too much lip, and, not only does he not get any repercussions, he ends up proving her wrong regardless…
  • Another movie filled to the brim with women undressing. Do you hear me complaining? There is no complaining here.
  • Besides revolving around divorce, the main character Margie  (Marian Marsh) is on a quest to seduce wealthy men to make for herself an easier life. Young Margie declares: “Whenever I hand myself to a man for the rest of my life, it’s cash on delivery!”
  • Line that couldn’t have been said in 1935: “Marriage is bunk– at least for poor people.”
  • Some very Freudian imagery. I mean, come on, did you see the picture I put up top? How about this one, with Warren William jiggling a babe on a toy while she gasps in delight:
This is also pretty damn Freudian.

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