Whirlpool (1934) Review

Proof That It’s Pre-Code:

  • The old man gets around, and I mean in a sense more than just ‘he goes from town to town with the carnival’.
  • Despite that it’s specifically not about it, there are some father/daughter undertones that are a bit creep-tastic.
  • Well, no one comes out and says organized crime is bad, per se.
  • A woman journalist. She’s not home minding the house or anything!
  • Suicide is the noble option. This would later be frowned upon.

Danny INDIFFERENTPicking up on what can be best called a strange theme for the last month of my life, I return once again to the carnival.  Like in Water for Elephants, we see carnival life is a sordid one, moving from town to town to try and find the biggest suckers and get out before they notice that their pockets are empty.

Whirlpool offers a far less romantic view than the other film, with Whirlpool perhaps getting the edge in authenticity since it, you know, was made in the 1930’s rather than just being set there.

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