Mary Stevens, M.D. (1933) Review

Proof That It’s Pre-Code

  • If you couldn’t tell from the title, this deals with a professional woman, one who has decided to be a doctor. I’ll touch on this a bit more below, but this is still heady stuff at the time.
  • Glenda Farrell, as a touchy nurse, snaps and threatens a kid:

“If you bust one more thing around here, this nurse is going to take your temperature from below the Mason-Dixon line, if you know what I mean!”

  •  Not specifically Pre-Code, but Lyle Talbot is driving Kay Francis out to the country for lunch and he busts out a flask and takes a swig. Her complete non-reaction to him drinking and driving is pretty funny nowadays. Also, I like how she categorizes it to him later, and his reaction:

“Don, you’re drinking too much.”
“There isn’t that much!”

“Well, okay.”
  • The double whammy of both premarital and extramarital sex. And it’s fun while it lasts!
  • Unrelated, but Farrell teases another nurse with this putdown, “You just haven’t had enough practice saying ‘no’.”
  •  This one was denied a re-release under the code in 1936 because of its portrayal of an unwed mother giving birth out of wedlock. Also, while it is very coded, there are a pair of lines where the idea of getting an abortion is floated to the mother, who decides against it.
  • Lots of cute baby buttocks! … and one dead baby.

The Particulars of the Picture

 Dr. Mary Stevens …
Kay Francis
 Dr. Don Andrews …
Lyle Talbot
 Glenda Carroll … Glenda Farrell

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