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Danny lives outside Tokyo, Japan, with two yappy dogs and a perfectly splendid wife. He has spent most of his adult life working in videostores and watching any movie he could get his hands on. Danny became interested in Pre-Code Hollywood one day after checking out the first Forbidden Hollywood collection from the library and watching The Divorcee; yes this site’s origin really is that silly. He is currently voraciously watching and reviewing all of the films from this period he can, even though Grad school is cutting into that. You can contact him on Twitter by way of @PreCodeDotCom or at the site’s email address.

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Danny regularly reviewed new releases for Can’t Stop the Movies. You can read all of his writings for that site here.


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  1. NeveR says:

    Wow I LOVE your blog. The design is gorgeous and the content terrific. One thing that would make me so happy – if you could include Basil Rathbone’s pre-code films!

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