The Song of Songs (1933) Review

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Proof That It’s Pre-Code

  • Holy crap, are you kidding? Okay, on a base level, the film is about a young, religious girl becoming deflowered and having her innocence robbed from her.
  • Lily (Marlene Dietrich) is a virginal religious girl, who rambles on about the Biblical “Song of Songs“. Upon explaining this to her aunt, the aunt retorts, “I don’t know the song of songs, but knowing your father, I imagine there was something dirty in it.”
  • The girl becomes an artist’s model, which means not only is she surrounded by nude drawings and sculptures, but that she herself undresses to perform her duty. We don’t see anything, but the beauty in this movie is in what is implied. More on that below the cut.
  • One part of the plot is about a masochistic old Baron who traps said girl into marrying him and he cackles with glee as he listens to her crying on their wedding night, shortly before he enters her bedroom. He stalks above her while she stays out of frame and then… you know. Nasty stuff.

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