Pre-Code Movies on TCM in May 2015 and Other Site News

Pre-Code.Com Site News for May 2015

  • June will be reader request month! Please leave a comment below with your suggestions for movies I should hit. I have 8 slots, and it’s first come, first serve. There may be a few I defer– no Gold Diggers of 33 because that’ll take forever to write, and a few movies I know are coming to DVD with better transfers– but otherwise suggest away. If you need an idea, check out the list of pre-Code movies. Here’s June’s schedule, thanks to readers like you:

6/1 – Queen Christina
6/5 – The Barbarian
6/8 – Moulin Rouge
6/12- 24 Hours
6/15- Sing and Like It
6/19- Love Me Tonight
6/22- Strange Love of Molly Louvain
6/26- I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
6/29- Midnight

Pre-Code Hollywood Movies on TCM in May

Please note: All times are Eastern. This schedule is subject to change. See the full listings here. To watch TCM online, check out their TCM Watch site.

Date & Time

1st, 6:45 AM The Office Wife (1930)
A gold-digging secretary sets out to lure her boss from his straying wife. Kicks off a day of movies about secretaries.

1st, 7:45 AM Man Wanted (1932)

1st, 9:00 AM Goodbye Again (1933)

1st, 10:15 AM She Had to Say Yes (1933)
A secretary pads her salary by dating prospective buyers for her company

2nd, 10:00 PM Queen Christina (1933)
Romantic tale of the 17th-century Swedish queen and her romance with a Spanish diplomat.

2nd, 12:00 AM Anna Christie (1930)

3rd, 6:00 AM Bombshell (1933)

5th, 6:00 AM One Man’s Journey (1933)
Father and son doctors disagree over the son’s materialistic goals. With Lionel Barrymore.

5th, 7:15 AM Sweepings (1933)
A man spends his life building a successful business to pass on to his kids who are uninterested.

6th, 6:00 AM Night Nurse (1931)

6th, 7:30 AM War Nurse (1930)

6th, 9:00 AM Life Begins (1932)
A maternity ward becomes the focus for the patients’, doctors’ and nurses’ personal problems.

6th, 3:45 PM Registered Nurse (1934)
After her husband goes mad, a nurse fights off the advances of two amorous doctors.

10th, 7:30 AM So Big (1932)

12th, 6:15 AM Morning Glory (1933)
A stage struck girl travels to New York determined to make it on Broadway. Katharine Hepburn day!

12th, 7:30 AM Spitfire (1934)
A backwoods faith healer falls for a married man from the big city.

13th, 4:45 AM One Way Passage (1932)
An ocean voyage leads to romance for a dying heiress and a condemned criminal. With Kay Francis and William Powell.

17th, 6:00 AM Grand Hotel (1932)

17th, 10:15 PM The Blue Angel (1930)
A stodgy professor falls from grace when he’s seduced by a nightclub singer.

18th, 6:00 AM Forbidden (1932)

19th, 6:00 AM Passion Flower (1930)
A society woman courts heartache when she falls in love with her chauffeur. With Kay Francis.

19th, 9:15 AM Bed of Roses (1933)

22nd, 6:15 AM Friends and Lovers (1931)
A society woman and her husband blackmail the men who flirt with her.

26th, 6:15 AM God’s Gift to Women (1931)
A modern-day Don Juan tries to go straight for love of an American woman. With Frank Fay and Joan Blondell

26th, 7:45 AM Night Nurse (1931)

28th, 9:00 AM The Runaway Bride (1930)
A criminal gang goes after the jewels their dying leader stashed in a woman’s handbag. With Mary Astor.

28th, 10:15 AM Smilin’ Through (1932)

28th, 12:00 PM What Price Hollywood? (1932)
A drunken director whose career is fading helps a waitress become a Hollywood star. With Constance Bennett.

28th, 1:45 PM Professional Sweetheart (1933)

28th, 3:15 PM Life of Vergie Winters (1934)
A politician marries while maintaining a second, illegitimate family on the side.

28th, 8:00 PM Berkeley Square (1933)
TCM’s monthly showing of this film. No idea why.

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