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Myrna Loy
El Malo
Jose Bohr
Raymond Hatton
Released by Atlantic Pictures | Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennett
Run time: 51 minutes

Rogue of the Rio Grande: Robin Thud

“I tell you, El Malo, women are the downfall of every great outlaw.”

This is one of those movies that openly defies a decent attention span.

There’s a Robin Hood figure named ‘El Malo’, who is played by German-born Jose Bohr. He minces around Mexico stealing from the banks and giving to the poor. However, he’s not as notorious as he likes, so he sets up a heist to raise his profile. He also falls for Carmita (Loy), a singer who sings and looks like Myrna Loy. El Malo stands outside bars and loudly announces his plans, his enemies drink and smoke and get easily duped.


Myrna Loy gets a couple of musical numbers, and that is definitely not her voice. Loy’s attempt at a Mexican accent is awful, awful, awful. She does a brief dance routine that showcases her background, but there’s nothing else here worth suffering through.

Seriously, this movie is so bad, it plays like a parody of itself. Avoid.


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