Girls About Town (1931) Review

Proof That It’s Pre-Code:

  • Escorts and lingerie.
  • Mistresses and divorce.
  • “Imagine! Getting paid $1,000 to fall in love!”

Danny LIKEI’d like to take a brief moment to write an appreciation. There are a lot of Hollywood icons from what is considered its Golden Age, and a lot of brilliant character actors, including one of the stars of today’s film, Eugene Pallette.

Famous for his gruff voice and billous body, Pallette was always reliable in films ranging from The Lady Eve to Topper, from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to The Adventures of Robin Hood. His comic timing is superb and his ability to be both a tyrant yet a lovable one suited him perfectly to the audiences of the Great Depression, whether it was sneaking off a few morsels to snack on as Friar Tuck in the aforementioned Robin Hood or dealing with a family of wealthy nincompoops as the father of the house in My Man Godfrey.

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