The Kid From Spain (1932)

Proof That It’s Pre-Code

  • The film opens with a Busby Berkeley song and dance number set in a women’s dormitory. It involves the women getting out of bed, getting undressed behind some curtains, bathing and singing lines like:

“In mathematics, really,
we all stand very high.

We show our figures freely,
because our figures never lie.”

“I’ll be here ’til I’m twenty;
I’m only seventeen.

By that time I’ll know plenty…
of course, ya’ll know what I mean…”

“No one’s equaled yet,
the marks I always get,
from riding in a rumble seat…”

Another coed rubs her own bottom: “You’re telling me?”

  • At one point in the above musical number (seriously, watch it, it’s great), the bathing beauties dive underwater in quick succession, revealing an array of posteriors to the camera. At this point my roommate Jacob points at the screen and laughed, “Well, I think you found your proof that this one is Pre-Code!”

    You might recognize this from a more recognizable scene– the “Pettin’ in the Park” number in Gold Diggers of 1933. Busby Berkeley did both– who woulda guessed?
  • Woman points to her chest: “I keep my money right here.”
    Star Eddie Cantor shoots back: “That’s right lady. Nowadays you can’t tell which bank is a bust.”
  • Another song from Cantor covers a lot of the same ground as his famous number “Whoopee”, insomuch as they both talk about a man who can’t keep it in his pants and learns a lesson when a kids come along. Also, there’s this line, send with some trademark eye waggle: “There’s lots of things she’ll find out in the moonlight.”
  • “I’m here to make you the happiest woman in the world.”
    “Do you realize I’m in bed and in my nightgown?”
    “Of course. This is business. Now take off your clothes.”
  • Rosalie (Lyda Roberti) attempts to seduce Cantor by dropping the key to his car down her dress. He gasps, “the key to the whole situation somewhere between Tijuana and the border!”
  • The film is about bullfighting, and Cantor pretends to be the son of a famous deceased bullfighter. One visual gag is that they show how the bullfighter got it in the end– the hole in his pants indicates that he literally got it in the end.

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