The Woman Accused (1933)

Proof That It’s Pre-Code:

  • Someone gets murdered and someone gets away with it, even though she is accused. You may say that I’m spoiling the movie already, but, come on, it’s not called The Woman Convicted, now is it?
  • Unapologetically decadent. Lavish parties, penthouse suites, and a huge cruise ship with a boat on board and everything. Man, I didn’t even know there were cruise ships in the 30’s.
  • The mobsters and the police are closely knit, though this may be because the police seem to just be a gaggle of morons.
  • One fellow jokes: “A beautiful girl is supposed to be suing a banker for three million dollars. The real trick is finding a banker with any money!”
  • Man forgives his future wife for previously living with a man.
  • On a woman and a man left in a room alone together: “The way things are going nowadays, you don’t know who’s going to scream first!”

The Woman Accused is a murder mystery where we know the murderer. I.E. said woman. She’s cornered by an old flame who knows how to push her buttons, and finds a big red one where her new fiance is concerned. He calls up a hitman to do away with the new fiance, and, with a scream and a surge of anger, our old flame is dead.

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