RoughThinManProgress Report

  • We have 7 essays that have been reviewed and finalized. We have 9 essays in rough draft or in progress (not including my own). The tone in the essays range from academic to nostalgic, and I’m very excited about all of the ones I’ve seen so far!
  • I talked to the nice maintainers over at Dr. Macro’s and they said it was okay to use their scans of publicity stills and posters in the book.
  • And I have started rewatching series and have been dutifully working on the book’s ‘connective tissue’ of plot summaries, trivia, and quotes.

Calender and Due Dates

For any contributors checking in, here’s the updated timeline for the book’s completion! Remember, you can email me at with questions, concerns, or, of course, submission ideas or essays!

  • September 18th
    • Anyone who hasn’t sent in their piece or said that they’re working on it by this time loses their claim on the subject.
    • Last call for submissions!
  • October 4th
    • All who claimed an essay in the first round should have a copy submitted for revisions by this date.
  • October 22nd
    • All pieces, regardless of when assigned, should be finished and submitted. Failure to do so by this day will mean that they’re not included in the book.
    • Cover art will be complete and layout designed.
    • A round of comprehensive editing and formatting for the book will commence. This should take about a month.
  • December 4th
    • Baring any unforeseen circumstances or just slowness on the part of eBook publishers, the book will be available for purchase!

Book Status

For those playing along at home, all the titles in bold have gone through revisions and are now in the book’s rough draft. Those not in bold are either still being revised or still in the writing process.

  • The Players
    • Biography of William Powell – Ryan Rinchiuso
    • Myrna Loy: ‘The Perfect Wife’ – Letícia Magalhães
    • Biography of W.S. Van Dyke – Karen Hansberry
  • The Movies
    • Series credits and summaries – Danny
    • “I’ll have to have a drink before I do any talking”: The Thin Man, Dashiell Hammett, and Drinking as Moral Fortitude – Michael James Roberson
    • Living a Thin Man Life – Vanessa
    • Edward Ellis: Biography of a Thin Man – Cliff Aliperti
    • Mrs. Asta, How Could You? A Look at the Thin Man‘s Most Mysterious Canine Character – E.A. Botta
    • The Lux Radio Adaptations – Jake Woehlke
    • Exteriors: Nick & Nora Out of Doors – Andrew Wickliffe
    • The Music of the Thin Men – Cameron Howard
    • Blueprint for Neurosis: The Nicky Jr. Saga – Andrew Hathaway
    • Philo Vance Versus Nick Charles – Tanya Goldman
    • “Darling, you have such lovely friends”: Nick & Nora Across Class Lines – Nick
    • Keeping that Old Spark Alive: Nick and Nora as the Ideal (Screen) Couple – BG Voita
    • The Evolution of Nora Charles – Brandie
    • The Thin Man Drinking Games – Clint
    • Jimmy Stewart in After The Thin Man – Judy
    • A Thin Man Cocktail – Jared
    • Other Myrna Loy/William Powell Pictures – Danny
  • The Afterlife
    • “The Thin Man” TV Show – Ivan G. Shreve
    • The Thin Man Radio Show – Shane Bliss
    • Other Thin Man media – the TV movie, the musical, and other homages – Danny
    • Becoming a Movie Fan By Way of Wax: The Thin Man Display at Movieland Wax Museum – Christina Rice

Last Call for Submissions!

If you’ve been watching this site and thinking “there’s no way he’s going to pull it off so I’m not going to bother to contribute”, well, first, bite me, and second, you can still contribute!

  • The gowns and outfits of Myrna Loy throughout the series
  • Biography of Asta, Nat Pendleton, writing partners Albert Hackett and Francis Goodrich, or anyone else with significant ties to the series
  • An essay about the evolution of the characters Nick as the series progresses
  • And anything else that comes to mind

If you are interested in any of these subjects, please email me ASAP by or before September 25th. If you’ve already contributed and feel like doing so again, that’s Jake with me. Just a reminder on the rules for submissions: longer than 500 words and no plagiarism, please. Also, all authors should submit a 3-4 line biography including any website or other contact information, and submissions must be done by October 22nd.

And one more time, my email is!

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