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Books About Pre-Code Hollywood

There are a good number of resources for any bookworm to read and learn about Pre-Code Hollywood. Below I’ve listed all of the books specifically available about pre-Code Hollywood, as well as any other books I’ve reviewed for the site.

If you’re looking to find if a certain star has a biography written or available about them, check out their Actor or Actress page.

Books About Pre-Code Hollywood Specifically

Pre-Code Hollywood by Thomas Doherty Complicated Women by Mick LaSalle

Pre-Code Hollywood:
Sex, Immorality, and Insurrection in American Cinema, 1930-1934

by Thomas Doherty


Complicated Women: Sex and Power in Pre-Code Hollywood

by Mick LaSalle


Dangerous Men: Pre-Code Hollywood and the Birth of the Modern Man

by Mick LaSalle


11 Pre-Code Hollywood Movie Histories by Cliff Aliperti

Sin in Soft Focus: Pre-Code Hollywood

by Mark A. Vieira


11 Pre-Code Hollywood Movies and Their Histories

by Cliff Aliperti


Other Books Reviewed On This Site

These are other books that have been reviewed on the site in no particular order.

The Bennetts: An Acting Family by Kellow Dawn Of Technicolor review

The Bennetts:
An Acting Family

by Brian Kellow

Amazon | My Review

The Dawn of Technicolor:
1930 – 1935

by James Layton
and David Pierce

Amazon | My Review

Books I’ve Been Involved In

I can’t really review these since I was involved with them in one capacity or another, but you may also be interested in these titles.

Thoughts On The Thin Man

 Thoughts on
The Thin Man

Edited by Danny Reid


This page updated whenever I add a new book review. Let me know if you have any I should check out below!

4 thoughts on “Books About Pre-Code Hollywood

  1. I’m reading the book THE DAME IN THE KIMONO: HOLLYWOOD, CENSORSHIP AND THE PRODUCTION CODE, FROM THE 1920’s TO THE 1960’s by Leonard J. Leff and Jerold L. Simmons. I’m using it as a resource for pre-Code film.

  2. Here’s a fantastic book about the Code from the inside. “See No Evil” by Jack Vizzard, published 1970. Vizzard came to work in the Production Code office, I believe in the early 1940’s, working directly under Joe Breen. He came in expecting to help save Hollywood from itself but ended up seeing the futility of such a mission. Told with a great deal of humor and irony. Gives some history of the early Code days, relates many wonderful anecdotes about the work he did as well as stories of the other censors. Used copies available on Amazon.

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