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One of the most widely remembered stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood, feisty Bette Davis got her start in the Pre-Code era, though it was mostly in thankless supporting roles rather than the vivacious leads that she would come to be known for. She was often assigned bit or unimpressive parts, such as in The Big Shakedown or Parachute Jumper that simply didn’t give her anything to chew on. It wasn’t until 1934’s Of Human Bondage where Davis got a chance to show her teeth, creating one of the most truly memorable monsters of the era.

She was written in for the 1934 Oscar as a nominee after being overlooked, and her career soared through the rest of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, culminating in her signature role as Margo in All About Eve. Davis never stopped working, and transitioned into comedies and bizarre and sublime horror films, like What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?. Her last picture, Wicked Stepmother, really is one of the worst pictures ever made, but it’s got Davis in it, which at least makes it interesting to watch. Davis passed away in 1989.

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