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Few stars burned as brightly for as short a time as Jean Harlow. Raised by a failed actress who wanted her daughter to have a better shot, Harlow began working in pictures in 1928 as an extra and in 1930 became a star for her role in Howard Hughes’ Hell’s Angels. People across the country dyed their hair blonde to match her famous locks, and her roles capitalized on an image of a wiseacre floozy (usually) with a heart of gold (sometimes).

Harlow’s personal life is hectic and fascinating, involving affairs and trysts that were sensational in their day. Her movies were among the most popular that MGM put out, and were it not for her untimely death in 1937 from kidney failure, she would have still had quite the career ahead of her.

Jean Harlow’s Pre-Code Filmography


  • Columbia
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Harlow in Hollywood:
The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capital, 1928 – 1937

by Darrell Rooney

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