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Constance Bennett

Perhaps one of the most beautiful women who’ve ever lived, Constance Bennett came to the movie screens as a personal lark. A glamorous socialite, she yearned for fame and money and found both in a series of pictures that often pitted her in a merciless struggle to maintain her dignity in the craven world of men. The real life Constance had no such problems, as she rose to become one of the highest paid women in the world. Unfortunately, this clashed with the public perceptions of her, and Bennett’s own flighty lack of interest in her career soon was her undoing. Rockabye, another hard luck tale, was a disaster and had to be heavily recut and reshot and by then she’d lost the zeitgeist.

Constance’s career had a brief resurgence in the late 30s as she became a screwball comedienne in zippy films like Topper and Merrily We Live. She even managed to steal Greta Garbo’s final role in Two-Faced Woman out from under her. Bennett invested wisely and married an air force officer during World War II. She worked infrequently after that and died suddenly at 60.

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Constance Bennett’s beauty regimen (apparently it’s much easier when you wake up already all made up):

A slideshow of pictures of Constance Bennett. Can’t really go wrong here.

Biography of Constance Bennett

The Bennetts: An Acting Family by Kellow

The Bennetts: An Acting Family

by Brian Kellow

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