A Study in Scarlet (1933) Review

Sherlock HolmesReginald OwenMrs. PykeAnna May WongEileen ForresterJune Clyde Released by: Tiffany PicturesDirected by: Edwin L. MarinRunning time: 72 minutes A Study in Scarlet: No Shit? "Come, Watson. The game is afoot." Earlier this week I decided to write an essay about Billy … Continue reading

Pre-Code Movies on TCM in July 2020

I went to visit my parents the other day, and my mother smiled and asked, "So, do you still like pre-Code movies?" It hadn't occurred to me that my last 'Like' review was This is the Night 2 1/2 months ago. Of course I still like pre-Code films, though, uh, seeing a good one again would be quite … Continue reading