Happy July everybody! Lots of cool stuff happening in our neck of the woods this month.

First, I wanted to say that Kim had a great time presenting at the AFI Fest, which you can see bits of on her Instagram reels. Meanwhile, I had a wonderful time at the Hollywood Before the Code Conference in Paris, and got to learn a lot of interesting things. I know the organizers said they would publish some of the presentations afterward and I will share those with you if they do.

Unfortunately still no movement on any surprise stuff, but there are a lot of great pre-Codes to catch in July.

Pre-Code Movies Added to Criterion Channel

Criterion Channel is doing a series on Columbia Screwball Comedies, which includes pictures like The Awful Truth and His Girl Friday.

Films available on the Criterion Channel starting on July 1st.

Ginger Rogers in Rafter Romance.

Pre-Code Movies on TCM in July 2024

TCM every Monday in July has a series called “The Hays Gaze” hosted by Dave Karger and Tara McNamara that focuses on pre-Code films and how those stories were changed after Code-enforcement in 1934. There’s some really interesting picks and it’s resulted in a lot of fun pre-Codes worth checking out on the schedule, so get your DVRs ready.

All showings subject to change. Times listed are EST. See the full schedule here.

Hope you watch something good this month!

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