Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Code.Com

I’ve gathered here questions I sometimes get asked about the site, or at least ones I’d like people to know. If you have any of your own, comment below!

What is pre-Code Hollywood?

You’re actually looking for this page for that information. This page is more about the frequently asked questions about the site in general.

What is the site’s update schedule?

Pre-Code.Com updates at least every Monday and Friday (or Sunday and Thursday if you’re in the States) with a new review of a film from 1930 to 1934 (and sometimes 1929 if I’m feeling peckish). Other updates may come up that involve either real-life experiences, movie marathons, various lists or cool things I’ve come across, and, you know. Blog stuff.

What is the site’s mission statement?

Pre-Code.Com has been designed to hopefully become a veritable ‘one stop’ reading for anyone interested in Pre-Code Hollywood. All reviews cover the film’s raciest content, a review of the film itself, links to trivia, posters, contemporary reviews, and the film’s availability.

All reviews and information are posted in good faith; if you find a discrepancy or error with any review or reporting, please feel free to email or comment with your correction. I’m only human!

How can I follow Pre-Code.Com’s updates?

I’m a big fan of Twitter, so you can follow @PreCodeDotCom for all of my talk and RTs about old movies. There is also an email subscription box located in the right sidebar, which I recommend (and may or may not feed directly into my ego). WordPress users can also subscribe that way when they’re signed in.

How do you say the site’s name?

It’s ‘Pre Code Dot Com’. I’ve seen a couple call it just ‘Pre-Code’ and that drives me nuts! That doesn’t even make sense!

Where can I learn more about the person who runs this site?

Actually, I have a whole page dedicated to that. Go there and enjoy.

Are you a professional film historian?

Not at all. Just a hobbyist. These reviews do not use an academic writing and, while I list all of the sources I may use for any claims at the end of the review, I do not do citations. Any opinions in the body of the review are my own.

How do I cite your website?

Since I’m an APA for life kind of guy, you can cite a review or page from my site with the following format. If this doesn’t work for you, you can enter the site’s info in the Citation Machine. Again, this is not a professional or academic website, so you may get dinged for that.

Reid, D. ([Date review was published]).Β [Article title]. Pre-Code.Com – Covering All of Pre-Code Hollywood Cinema, 1930 – 1934. Retrieved [Date you read the article].

Can I use this .gif/image/a section from your review for my site/blog/paper?

Of course, the only thing I ask for is a link back to the main site here be put near whatever you take. Please don’t quote whole reviews or pass my writing off as your own. I have a fairly distinctly weird syntax (and I use the word ‘unfortunately’ fairly often), so I can pick up on that stuff pretty quickly.

The only money I make from this site is from Amazon referrals which, in the first year of running it, has netted me $18.65. I also don’t ask for or receive review copies of films because I want to remain as unbiased as possible. I’ve made this site because I want to share my passion with people, and by linking to this site, you’re helping me out!

How do I make animated .gifs like yours?

I use the program GifCam, which is both really easy to use and absolutely free.

How can I contact the webmaster?

For more information or for any other questions, either post something below in the comments or shoot me an email here. Thanks!

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45 Replies to “Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Code.Com”

  1. My name is Scott Warner…I would like to share stories with whomever is interested about my Grandfather H.B. Warner…stories from the likes of Frank Capra, C.B. and Agnes DeMille, Roddy McDowell, Lew Wasserman and a very special story told to me on the set by John Carradine…and more. Please contact me.

      1. Thanks for that. You have reviewed some of the films TFS will be showing and I have put an * beside the titles in the Table of Contents. That way our attendees can discover your website and read what your film reviews.

        Am reading an interesting book on Pre-Code film called “Dangergous Men” by Mick LaSalle. Very enjoyable.

        1. I very much appreciate the consideration! I actually haven’t finished “Dangerous Men” yet, but that’s mostly because I’m often more fascinated by the women of Pre-Code. His “Complicated Women” covers that wonderfully; check it out if you get the chance!

          1. I picked up the book at Cinefest in Syracuse and mentioned to the dealer that I would be interested in the other book but he didn’t have it. I too am usually more fascinated by the actresses and would have grabbed the book and read it first if it had been handy!

    1. Oh, my WordPress theme went bonkers last week. It should be fixed now, but my post will be up on the 10th. I’ll comment on the post too just in case you don’t check back here. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, I’m not sure if I’m the one you wanted to hear from, but I’d be happy if you wanted to let people know about Toronto Film Society’s upcoming pre-Code weekend which is happening May 10 to 12 in Toronto. You can find all the details at Best regards and happy watching! Caren

  3. Hi Danny,

    It would be great to meet you, but I know we’re not exactly next door. I was just wondering if you would mind sending out a post sooner rather than later just in case there are people who would be interested in attending as that would give them time to register and make hotel arrangements. Whatever works for you though.


  4. Best website ever! I absolutely love it! Good to see there are even bigger pre-code fans than I am…
    Greetings from Spain!

  5. Hello,
    A quick introduction from my end-Iam Chinmaya from Bangalore,India. The reason for my mail is that I understand that the “sons of the desert” are having their next convention at Hollywood and would want to know if you are attending it. You may check this for more details- .
    Incase you or anyone whom you know are,please let me know as there are somethings that i want to discuss regarding the same.My id Else,you may ignore this.

    Regards and best wishes,

    1. Chinmaya– Thank you for dropping me a note! While I would love to attend, unfortunately I will be living quite a distance from Hollywood by next July and unable to attend. However, I will put together a news post about this for next week to help inform anyone who frequents the site about it. Thank you for letting me know! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for the kind words! And I’ll admit I’m a connoisseur of bad accents– I enjoy them, even if they’re hilariously off. πŸ™‚ Thanks for coming by!

      1. These are both great answers. I would also say there’s stuff from 1934 like Search for Beauty and Murders at the Vanities which feature many women (and a few men) as naked as you can get them (the latter also includes a song about the pleasures of marijuana!). There’s also The Gold Diggers of 1933, a movie extolling the virtues of bilking rich men for all they have while showing as much Joan Blondell as was legally possible. Lastly, Ecstasy, while not an American film, features a nude Hedy Lamar discovering her body out in the woods, and certainly made its way to American shores with glee.

  6. This is an absolute gem of a site – I much prefer these films from the early 1930s to the graceless drivel which is presently been churned out.

    I find that I simply can not entertain what passes as Hollywood blockbusters these days, so much so, that within two days of being suckered into signing up to Amazon Fire TV and Netflix I decided that these services are primarily aimed at the brain dead sheep who can not think for themselves.

    So Hooray for Pre-Code Dot Com! There are so many truly brilliant films that I just wasn’t aware of that I feel as though I am rolling in movie hog-heaven. Thank you so very much Danny for maintaining this wonderful site.

    Incidentally, as a newbie, could you please let me know the name of the film which features in that loop with the blonde lady getting a face full from a soda fountain?

    1. Thank you for the really kind words! I try to dig into some obscure corners to find gems, so I hope that helps you find some smarter entertainment for your perusal.

      The gif for this month is from the James Cagney boxing movie Winner Take All. That’s him getting clubbed with the wine bottle.

  7. Hi, I noticed that for 1931 you mention that there is only one version of Mata Hari in existence. I read on the web somewhere that another copy cropped up at a Berlin film festival some years ago. I don’t know if it is a censored or uncensored version though. I have asked in the Garbo facebook group but they don’t seem to know much about it. Oh and btw your site is fascinating!! Keep up the excellent work please!

  8. Would like to reach Danny concerning THE BISHOP MURDER CASE but none of the given email addresses work for me!

  9. Wow this site is a treat! My whole family enjoys classic and especially Pre-Code films. I can’t wait to explore more!

  10. I would like to print out your list of films, as a checklist, but when I try do this, a strange looking grey backround is also on the print. Why?

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