Life Begins 1932 Loretta Young Eric Linden

Life Begins (1932) Review, with Loretta Young, Eric Linden and Glenda Farrell

Grace Sutton Loretta Young Jed Sutton Eric Linden Miss Bowers Aline MacMahon Floret Glenda Farrell A Patient Dorothy Peterson Ringer Frank McHugh Released by First National/Warner Bros. | Directed by James Flood Proof That It’s Pre-Code Let’s just say that medicine has changed in 80-some years. One nervous father is Read more…

One Sunday Afternoon 1933 Gary Cooper Fay Wray pre-Code

One Sunday Afternoon (1933) Review, with Gary Cooper and Fay Wray

Biff Gary Cooper Virginia Fay Wray Amy Frances Fuller Released by Paramount Pictures | Directed by Stephen Roberts One Sunday Afternoon: Regrets, I Have a Few “Ain’t no crime in this world like stealing another man’s woman.” One Sunday Afternoon is about two things that constantly interest me: class conflict Read more…

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