Arriving in Hollywood in the late 1920s, Dolores Del Rio shot to fame as a female ‘Latin lover’ archetype. When talkies arrived, her exotic allure and being one of the few stars in the RKO stable gave her some excellent projects to project through. Though waylaid by a kidney infection in 1931, films like Bird of Paradise and Flying Down to Rio were hits. She moved to Warner Bros. in 1934, though would leave the studio two years later.

After her Hollywood career faded in the late 30s, Del Rio returned to her native Mexico and became a star in the country’s then-peaking film industry. She would alternate between Hollywood and Mexico in the 60s, as well as work consistently in the theater. A passionate advocate for Mexican art and culture, Del Rio would eventually pass in 1983.

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A short documentary on Del Rio’s life (FYI: it’s in Spanish):

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Delores Del Rio: Beauty in Light and Shade

by Linda Hall

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