Released by Warner Brothers | Directed By Roy Mack

Yours Sincerely: Bizarre Love Quadrangle

“Don’t count your children before they’re hitched!”

“Yours Sincerely” is a nice twenty minute mark. Like a lot of shorts, the comedic songs are better than the dramatic ones– here we have a bad seduction in “What’s The Big Idea?” (“The way you use your hands, you’re a traveling man!”) and a surreal dance number including a bunch of Cabbage Patch-esque dolls getting to do tap dancing called “Baby’s Awake Now”.  The rest are decent enough for a short film about a pair of sisters trying to land a millionaire husband at the urging of their gold digging hotel owning parents, with one succeeding and both ending up happy.

There’s not a ton to the short as it’s a pretty old comedic opera retold with jazzy numbers and a few modern wise cracks. Some of the dramatic numbers grow wearisome, but the actors/singers are able and fun to watch, making it good background noise at worst. The songs are mostly from Rodgers & Hart, who wrote a successive series of successful numbers for musicals that included Love Me Tonight, Hollywood Party and Pal Joey, so if you like their stuff, definitely check it out.

Also, if you watch it on YouTube, I have no idea why a company called ‘DVDFab’ uses a monkey with a bandana on as its logo. Is it supposed to be the monkey king? Were they big fans of “Monkey Magic” as kids? No clue.

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