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Hey everyone! My June was completely nuts– I had friends visit, summer semester started, I went to Alaska for two weeks (with no internet), and my beloved dog, Chico, passed away. My plans for July are school and possibly faking my own death so nothing like June ever happens to me again, but we’ll see.

I will be taking off from posting next week for my usual birthday celebration (33, woop woop) and the rest of the month I have reviews of a few early John Wayne films as well as a few books as I participate in Raquel’s Summer Reading Challenge. This will include at least a few books by other bloggers and possibly way too many books on Barbara Stanwyck, but you’ll see as we go.

August will have a bunch of random movies and then the newest issue of The Pre-Code Companion! I’m currently editing the pieces now, and I think everyone will be happy with the stuff we’ve got.

Lastly, TCM in July is doing about fifteen different programs on all sorts of topics, so there’s not a lot of room for pre-Code. A number of great ones still pop up– Queen Christina, The Nuisance— but most of the list below is Joe E. Brown movies that are all being shown on the 28th. C’est la vie.

Pre-Code Hollywood Movies on TCM in July

Please note: All times are Eastern. This schedule is subject to change. See the full listings here. To watch TCM online, check out their TCM Watch site.

Date & Time

5th, 10:00 AM Cimarron (1930)

5th, 12:15 PM The Squaw Man (1931)
An Indian maiden bears a British aristocrat’s child.

9th, 10:00 PM Downstairs (1932)

9th, 11:30 PM Men Call It Love (1931)
A man leaves his mistress to court a married woman.

13th, 6:00 AM Montana Moon (1930)
A flapper weds a cowboy and has to adjust to life out West. With Joan Crawford and John Mack Brown.

21st, 5:15 PM Queen Christina (1933)

22nd, 10:30 AM They Learned About Women (1930)

22nd, 12:15 PM The Unholy Three (1930)

22nd, 1:30 PM Just a Gigolo (1931)
To escape gold diggers, Billy Haines pretends to be a gigolo.

22nd, 2:45 PM Hell Below (1933)
A submarine captain clashes with one of his crew during World War I.

22nd, 4:30 PM The Nuisance (1933)

24th, 11:30 PM Veiled Aristocrats (1932)
A light-skinned African-American lawyer persuades his sister to pass for white.

25th, 6:15 AM Sadie McKee (1934)

25th, 11:00 AM The Florodora Girl (1930)
A turn-of-the-century chorus girl searches for romance.

25th, 2:00 PM Never the Twain Shall Meet (1931)
A young lawyer’s romance suffers after he meets a South Seas beauty.

25th, 3:30 PM Peg O’ My Heart (1933)
A Marion Davies movie.

25th, 5:00 PM Love in the Rough (1930)
A shipping clerk bluffs his way towards marrying an heiress.

25th, 6:30 PM Lady With a Past (1932)
A good girl pretends to be bad. With Connie Bennett.

28th, 6:30 AM Eleven Men and a Girl (1930)

28th, 7:45 AM Sally (1930)
Part of a Joe E. Brown day. Waitress dreams of being a star.

28th, 9:30 AM Top Speed (1930)
A clerk pretends to be a millionaire.

28th, 10:45 AM Broadminded (1931)
A man gets mixed up in an international chase.

28th, 12:00 PM Going Wild (1931)
A lovesick fool pretends to be an ace flyer.

28th, 1:15 AM Local Boy Makes Good (1931)
A timid student turns into a star.

28th, 2:30 PM Sit Tight (1931)

28th, 3:45 PM The Tenderfoot (1932)
An innocent cowboy sets out to back a Broadway play.

28th, 5:00 PM You Said a Mouthful (1932)
An inventor creates an unsinkable bathing suit.

28th, 6:15 PM 6 Day Bike Rider (1934)
A young failure tries to impress a girl by entering a bicycle race.

31st, 10:30 PM Heaven-Bound Traveler (1932)
A loyal wife prays for the deliverance of the husband who abandoned her.

31st, 10:45 PM Verdict Not Guilty (1933)
Souls ascend to heaven and stand before the throne of judgement.

Questions? Comments? Or do you just want to bug me? Leave a comment below!

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Vanessa (@callmeveebee) · July 4, 2016 at 9:16 pm

Aw I’m sorry to hear about Chico passing away 🙁 *hugs*

Glad to have you back with us – and not in Alaska with no internet – hope you have a fantastic birthday!

I’m eager to read your book reviews!!

Tom · July 15, 2016 at 1:50 am

Late to read, as usual. My deepest sympathy for your loss. A day at a time, bro, a day at a time.

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