Happy September, everyone. As you are reading this, I am in Germany. It is practically the opposite of my former home in California, as here it rains all the time, the grass is green, and there are a lot of German people everywhere. I have already been mistaken for a German person several times, which I think means I need to smile more.

My move hasn’t been going very well, so I aplogize for the zero reviews in August. International moves are tricky; besides culture shock, having to find housing, schooling, setting up daycare, and looking for a new car, members of my small family have also been dealing with an infection plus I also have a toddler with a broken tooth which will require surgery.

All this while, the base I’ve been staying on has been hosting over 10,000 of the Afghan refugees that have been evacuated since the fall of Kabul only a few weeks ago. If you’re reading this, I ask you consider donating some time and money to the thousands of terrified people currently living on an airplane tarmac. Every little bit helps.

On a different note: classic film. Although there was some teasing at big changes at TCM in August, it looks like the new updates are mostly cosmetic. New host sets, the logo going sans serif and a new tagline being added to update the brand a bit.

They’re still showing old movies, and I’m pretty thrilled that September’s Star of the Month is the great Paul Robeson:

His only pre-Code entry is The Emperor Jones, a review I updated a few months back, and a film that is well worth seeing.

The rest of the month is a little sparse for pre-Codes until you hit the 27th and there are a cavalcade of things like Joan Blondell ordering hits and Kay Francis seducing her secretary. So stay tuned for that!

I’ll do my best to get a review up this month, I promise. Otherwise, take care and stay safe!

Pre-Code Movies on TCM in September 2021

9/1, 7:45 AM – Finishing School (1934)

A boarding-school girl has to cope with family problems and puppy love.

Dir: Wanda Tuchock Actors: Frances Dee,Billie Burke,Ginger Rogers Runtime: 73 mins .. Genre: Drama .. Rating: TV-PG .. CC: Y

9/5, 8:00 AM – The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934)

An invalid poetess defies her father’s wishes to marry a dashing young poet.

Dir: Sidney Franklin Actors: Norma Shearer,Fredric March,Charles Laughton
Runtime: 109 mins .. Genre: Romance .. Rating: TV-G .. CC: Y

9/5, 10:30 PM – The Emperor Jones (1933)

When his subjects revolt, a Caribbean dictator looks back on the path that led to his downfall.

Dir: Dudley Murphy Actors: Paul Robeson, Dudley Digges, Frank Wilson
Runtime: 72 mins .. Genre: Drama .. Rating: TV-14 .. CC: N

9/8, 2:30 PM – The Purchase Price (1932)

A night-club singer on the lam becomes a farmer’s mail-order bride.

Dir: William A. Wellman Actors: Barbara Stanwyck,George Brent,Lyle Talbot
Runtime: 68 mins .. Genre: Drama .. Rating: TV-PG .. CC: Y

9/11, 8:27 AM – Central Park (1932)

Small-town kids out to make it in the big city inadvertently get mixed up with gangsters.

Dir: John G. Adolfi Actors: Joan Blondell,Wallace Ford,Guy Kibbee
Runtime: 58 mins .. Genre: Comedy .. Rating: TV-G .. CC: Y

9/13, 2:00 PM – Hell Divers (1932)

Two naval air force officers carry their rivalry from the skies to the bedroom.

Dir: George Hill Actors: Wallace Beery,Clark Gable,Conrad Nagel
Runtime: 110 mins .. Genre: Adventure .. Rating: TV-PG .. CC: Y

9/14, 6:15 AM – The Richest Girl in the World (1934)

To put off fortune-hunters, an heiress trades places with her secretary.

Dir: William A. Seiter Actors: Miriam Hopkins,Joel Mccrea,Fay Wray
Runtime: 76 mins .. Genre: Romance .. Rating: TV-G .. CC: Y

9/17, 12:15 PM – The Phantom of Paris (1931)

A magician is charged with killing his fiancee’s father.

Dir: John S. Robertson Actors: John Gilbert, Leila Hyams, Lewis Stone
Runtime: 73 mins .. Genre: Suspense/Mystery .. Rating: TV-PG .. CC: N

9/26, 6:00 AM – Dinner at Eight (1933)

A high-society dinner party masks a hotbed of scandal and intrigue.

Dir: George Cukor Actors: Marie Dressler,John Barrymore,Wallace Beery
Runtime: 113 mins .. Genre: Comedy .. Rating: TV-PG .. CC: Y

9/27, 6:30 AM – Man Wanted (1932)

A female executive falls in love with her male secretary.

Dir: William Dieterle Actors: Kay Francis,David Manners,Una Merkel
Runtime: 62 mins .. Genre: Romance .. Rating: TV-G .. CC: Y

9/27, 7:45 AM – Parachute Jumper (1933)

A gangster victimizes three friends trying to get jobs.

Dir: Alfred E. Green Actors: Douglas Fairbanks,Bette Davis,Frank Mchugh
Runtime: 73 mins .. Genre: Adventure .. Rating: TV-G .. CC: Y

9/27, 9:00 AM – Blondie Johnson (1933)

A female crook fights her way from poverty to the top of the underworld.

Dir: Ray Enright Actors: Joan Blondell,Chester Morris,Allen Jenkins
Runtime: 67 mins .. Genre: Crime .. Rating: TV-G .. CC: Y

9/27, 10:15 AM – Footlight Parade (1933)

A producer fights labor problems, financiers and his greedy ex-wife to put on a show.

Dir: Lloyd Bacon Actors: James Cagney,Joan Blondell,Ruby Keeler
Runtime: 102 mins .. Genre: Musical .. Rating: TV-G .. CC: Y

9/27, 12:15 PM – Journal of a Crime (1934)

Before she can confess to shooting her husband’s mistress, a woman succumbs to amnesia.

Dir: William Keighley Actors: Ruth Chatterton,Adolphe Menjou,Claire Dodd
Runtime: 65 mins .. Genre: Drama .. Rating: TV-PG .. CC: Y

9/27, 1:30 PM – Gambling Lady (1934)

Two gamblers fall in love but one is already married to a possible murderer.

Dir: Archie Mayo Actors: Barbara Stanwyck,Joel Mccrea,Pat O’brien
Runtime: 66 mins .. Genre: Suspense/Mystery .. Rating: TV-PG .. CC: Y

9/27, 2:45 PM – The Personality Kid (1934)

Success corrupts a young prizefighter and leads him to neglect his wife.

Dir: Alan Crosland Actors: Pat O’Brien,Glenda Farrell,Claire Dodd
Runtime: 67 mins .. Genre: Drama .. Rating: TV-G .. CC: N

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