My month long celebration of Mae Clarke climaxes today with all of the movies I’ve hit the last few weeks popping up on TCM today. Sorry about This Side of Heaven— I just couldn’t find it anywhere. :/ Regardless! The schedule for Clarke’s pre-Codes are below, and you can read my biography and links to all of my Clarke reviews on the site here.

Here are all of her pre-Codes showing today. All times are Pacific. Enjoy!

20th, 8:00 AM The Fall Guy (1930)

20th, 9:15 AM Turn Back the Clock (1933)

20th, 10:45 AM Penthouse (1933)

20th, 12:30 PM Parole Girl (1933)

20th, 2:00 PM This Side of Heaven (1934)
An eccentric family tries to work together when the father is accused of embezzlement.

20th, 3:30 PM The Man With Two Faces (1934)

20th, 5:00 PM Waterloo Bridge (1931)

20th, 6:30 PM Frankenstein (1931)

20th, 7:45 PM Fast Workers (1933)

20th, 9:00 PM The Penguin Pool Murder (1932)

20th, 10:15 PM Lady Killer (1933)

20th, 11:45 PM The Public Enemy (1931)

21st, 1:15 AM The Front Page (1931)

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Vanessa B (@callmeveebee) · August 21, 2015 at 9:22 am

Honestly? I’m gonna have the TV running ALL FREAKING NIGHT LONG. What a terrific line-up of films 😀

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