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Hey! This is late. Between my semester wrapping up and a host of other preparation for the TCM Film Fest– which you’ll see coverage of starting here on late Wednesday– I’ve been swamped. So pardon if some of the descriptions below are glib or nonsensical.

But, damn, May on TCM looks amazing. I’m especially annoyed that I’ll be missing that day full of rare Astor pictures as well as the hard to find Stranger in Town (which sounds like fun) and Play Girl during my travels. (If anyone wants to DVR those latter two and just look at it fondly, I’ll appreciate it). My sister’s wedding is the 15th, so if I’m even slower to reply to comments or if my work looks more unpolished than usual, that’s probably why.

Oh, and the 5th issue of the Companion may be delayed by a week or two as well– that’s on me. But I have all the pieces, it just needs to be assembled. I’ll be very exciting to promote what’ll go into the 7th issue due out this fall at that time, too.

But for now– TCMFF! Wednesday, in America time! Come back here then!

Pre-Code Hollywood Movies on TCM in May

Please note: All times are Eastern. This schedule is subject to change. See the full listings here. To watch TCM online, check out their TCM Watch site.

Date & Time

1st, 10:00 AM Design for Living (1933)

2nd, 4:00 PM Little Women (1933)

3rd, 9:15 AM Behind Office Doors (1931)
An underappreciated secretary takes off in a new job. Starts a day of rare Mary Astor pre-Codes!

3rd, 10:45 AM The Lash (1931)
It’s Zorro but with Richard Barthelmess.

3rd, 12:15 PM Other Men’s Women (1931)

3rd, 1:30 PM The Runaway Bride (1930)

3rd, 2:45 PM The Sin Ship (1931)
A ship’s captain fights to save a female passenger from his crew.

3rd, 4:00 PM Smart Woman (1931)
A woman plots to make her cheating husband jealous.

3rd, 5:15 PM Men of Chance (1932)
Men pursue Ricardo Cortez when it’s found he gambles well.

3rd, 6:30 PM A Successful Calamity (1932)
A family helps out a member in financial trouble.

5th, 2:45 PM “Blotto” (1930)
Laurel and Hardy short about getting hammered.

5th, 3:15 PM The Devil’s Brother (1933)
Laurel and Hardy feature with much wackiness, I’m sure.

8th, 2:00 PM Imitation of Life (1934)
Review coming soon.

9th, 6:30 AM The Bat Whispers (1930)
A masked criminal terrorizes residents at a deserted country house.

9th, 8:00 AM Her Majesty, Love (1932)
A circus entertainer looks for romance.

9th, 9:30 AM Stranger in Town (1932)
A vacationing Supreme Court Justice takes on crooked politicians. With Ann Dvorak.

9th, 10:45 AM Havana Widows (1933)

10th, 8:00 AM Flying Down to Rio (1933)

12th, 6:00 AM Little Women (1933)

13th, 6:00 AM Shooting Straight (1930)
A gambler commits a murder, with Richard Dix.

13th, 7:30 AM Play Girl (1932)
A young innocent falls for a gambler (it’s a gambling day). With Winnie Lightner and Loretta Young.

15th, 10:00 PM Footlight Parade (1933)

17th, 6:00 AM Skyscraper Souls (1932)

17th, 7:45 AM The Bishop Misbehaves (1933)
A church official investigates a murder. Could be fun.

17th, 9:15 AM Tugboat Annie (1933)
Marie Dressler won best actress for this one, if memory serves.

18th, 3:15 AM Are These Our Children? (1931)
I dunno. They don’t look like mine.

18th, 4:45 AM The Sea Bat (1930)
Mexican fishermen try to kill a sting ray.

18th, 7:15 AM The Right to Romance (1933)
Ann Harding flick about a lady plastic surgeon jeopardizing her marriage. Man this sounds cool.

18th, 10:30 AM The Phantom of Paris (1931)

21st, 6:15 AM Fireman, Save My Child (1932)

22nd, 8:00 PM To The Last Man (1933)
Randolph Scott Western.

26th, 6:00 AM – 11:00 AM There’s a big block of early John Wayne Westerns here, check them out if you’re interested.

27th, 8:30 AM The Most Dangerous Game (1932)
Joel McCrea versus the craziest version of Parcheesi ever.

27th, 9:45 AM One Man’s Journey (1933)
Review coming soon.

27th, 11:00 AM Double Harness (1933)

27th, 12:15 PM Rafter Romance (1933)
A night worker and day worker fall in love without realizing they share the same apartment.

27th, 1:30 PM Stingaree (1934)
Sting-a-ra. Sting-a-ro. Sting-a-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa.

27th, 1:30 PM The Solitaire Man (1933)
Crooks double cross each other on a tense airplane flight. Sounds friggin’ sweet.

29th, 12:15 PM “Pack Up Your Troubles” (1932)
Laurel and Hardy help out an orphaned girl post-WWI.

31st, 8:00 PM The Doorway to Hell (1930)

Questions? Comments? Or do you just want to bug me? Leave a comment below!

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Marc · April 26, 2016 at 12:21 pm

Tugboat Annie didn’t win Dressler Best Actress.Min and Bill did.
Are these Our Children?-really good movie. See it.

    Danny · May 21, 2016 at 2:38 pm

    Alright, definitely checking out Are These Our Children? when I get the chance. … and this is why I should stop just randomly guessing things.

GirlyNebbish · April 28, 2016 at 11:20 am

Ever thought of reviewing Rafter Romance? It’s not a great movie by any means, but I found it entertainingly odd. Fair warning, though: There’s a scene that crosses the line into downright baffling, one in which the clearly Jewish landlord’s son is caught scribbling a swastika. Reaaallly not sure what’s going on there. That aside, it’s mostly a quirky romantic comedy that tweaks 1930s social mores a little.

    Danny · May 21, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    I’ve actually thought about reviewing it a lot, just haven’t gotten to it yet! Hopefully it’ll be on Warner Archive soon so I can get a good copy of it.

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