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In some odd turn of events, our internet had to be reinstalled, and now I have free cable for a few months. So, yes, I’m somehow watching even more TCM than usual. That’s good in some ways– September has some excellent stuff showing. This includes a Greta Garbo day (yay!) and a pre-Code Jimmy Durante day (eh, I guess Meet the Baron is worth watching once).

The other low key announcement I have: I will apparently be at Cinecon in Los Angeles Friday morning and afternoon. I’m actually leaving on an extended trip to Iceland that evening, and my wife suggested we change our shuttle so we get into town early. I’m also going to try and talk her into checking out the newly reopened Angel’s Flight, but we’ll see how that goes.

Also: I finally got the second Wheeler & Woolsey collection in the mail– so guess what reviews will be in the pipeline? 🙂

Patreon Bonuses for September

Once again, thanks for all the help– it really makes me worry less about the surprising amount of money this site costs to maintain. I hope whoever watched enjoyed the YouTube poster tour I put up in August. (And sorry if I made you dizzy!) I’m still working on plans for September’s bonus, but I’m thinking it may be a bonus video about Cinecon. You’ll see as soon as I can, I promise!

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Pre-Code Hollywood Movies on TCM in September

Please note: All times listed here are Eastern Standard. This schedule is subject to change (like if someone dies or the world ends– you know how it is). See the full listings for the month here. If you subscribe to TCM via cable, you can watch TCM online via the TCM Watch site. If you don’t have cable, check out Sling TV, where (Americans) can watch TCM online or on their Roku for only $25/month. Plus you get HGTV and Food Network. That’s how I got my wife to okay it.

Date & Time

1st, 8:00 AM Hell Below (1933)

3rd, 12:00 PM The Front Page (1930)

8th, 8:00 PM Taxi! (1932)

11th, 6:45 AM Speak Easily (1932)

11th, 8:30 AM Meet the Baron (1933)

11th, 10:00 AM What! No Beer? (1933)

11th, 11:30 AM Strictly Dynamite (1934)

12th, 6:00 AM Son of the Gods (1930)
A young man questions his Chinese ancestry when he falls in love.

12th, 7:45 AM Manhattan Parade (1931)
A deserted wife tries to keep her husband’s costuming company afloat.

12th, 9:15 AM Three Who Loved (1931)
A bank teller’s life falls apart when he’s accused of embezzling.

12th, 10:30 AM Winner Take All (1932)

12th, 11:45 AM A Man’s Castle (1933)

12th, 1:00 PM This Side of Heaven (1934)
An eccentric family tries to work together when the father is accused of embezzlement.

12th, 2:30 PM Upper World (1934)

13th, 11:15 AM From Headquarters (1933)
A detective solves a playboy’s murder.

16th, 3:30 AM Brief Moment (1933)
A nightclub singer tries to rehabilitate a wealthy playboy.

17th, 12:45 AM Dancing Lady (1933)
A musical star is trapped in a love triangle.

18th, 8:00 AM Grand Hotel (1932)

18th, 11:45 AM Romance (1930)

18th, 1:15 PM The Painted Veil (1934)

18th, 2:45 PM Anna Christie (1930)

18th, 4:15 PM Queen Christina (1933)

19th, 2:45 PM Smilin’ Through (1932)

21st, 7:00 AM Son of India (1931)
A rajah’s son falls for an American girl touring India.

25th, 7:15 AM Murder in the Private Car (1934)

25th, 1:15 PM Danger Lights (1931)

28th, 6:00 AM Ladies of the Jury (1932)

28th, 9:00 AM Star Witness (1931)
An old man who witnessed a crime is threatened by gangsters.

30th, 3:45 AM What Price Hollywood? (1932)

30th, 10:30 AM The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

Questions? Comments? Or do you just want to bug me? Leave a comment below!

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Patricia Nolan-Hall (@CaftanWoman) · August 29, 2017 at 6:19 am

Thanks. That should keep us occupied.


Veebs · August 29, 2017 at 7:29 am

I’ve always wanted to see What Price Hollywood? so I’m glad to see it’s been added to the September schedule (30th). Also, I’m guessing the 18th is the Garbo day you had mentioned in the intro – YAY!

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