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Yes, with Myrna Loy as TCM’s star of the month, they went all out, from many (many) of her obscure early works to an entire day of her collaborations with William Powell (the 23rd). It’s a bonanza for pre-Code fanatics like myself, especially days like the 9th and 15th which showcase many of her hardest-to-find films.

On top of that, the morning of the 9th also doubles as an Alice White day, while the 20th features some rare films from Irene Dunne. There’s also the 5th, which is an entire day of Vitaphone shorts and features that will be undoubtedly educational (and fun) for all of us into early sound pictures.

There’s a lot of great (and rare!) stuff showing this month. I’ll be posting a few reviews of Myrna Loy movies (I only have like 30 left to review) and then taking off for the holidays, as per my annual habit. I hope everyone made it out of 2016 with at least some of their sanity intact– I know mine is a bit frayed. Hopefully Myrna can get us across the finish line in style.

Pre-Code Hollywood Movies on TCM in December

Please note: All times are Eastern. This schedule is subject to change. See the full listings here. To watch TCM online, check out their TCM Watch site.

Date & Time

2nd, 7:45 AM Massacre (1934)

2nd, 8:00 PM The Devil to Pay (1930)
Ronald Coleman shows up to charm Loretta Young and stuff. Begins a night of early Myrna Loy movies.

2nd, 9:30 PM Arrowsmith (1931)

2nd, 11:30 PM Consolation Marriage (1931)
A couple who married after each were jilted faces the return of their former lovers.

3rd, 1:00 AM The Truth About Youth (1930)
A gold digger doesn’t realize she’s chasing a pauper.

4th, 11:00 AM Little Women (1933)

5th, ALL DAY It’s a day full of Vitaphone shorts. Some are pre-Code, some aren’t, but basically everything is worth checking out.

5th, 1:45 AM Show Girl in Hollywood (1930)

8th, 6:45 AM The Mad Genius (1931)

9th, 7:30 AM Playing Around (1930)
A tenement girl falls for a con artist. It’s a full day of Myrna Loy! Dig in!

9th, 8:45 AM The Widow from Chicago (1930)
A woman infiltrates the mob to avenge her brother’s death.

9th, 10:00 AM The Naughty Flirt (1931)
A flighty heiress works as a secretary for the man she lvoes.

9th, 11:00 AM The Animal Kingdom (1932)
A publisher can’t choose between two lovers.

9th, 12:30 PM Emma (1932)

9th, 2:00 PM The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932)

9th, 3:15 PM New Morals for Old (1932)
The generation gap almost tears apart a society family.

9th, 4:30 PM Rebound (1932)
A woman takes back her straying husband.

9th, 6:00 PM The Wet Parade (1932)
A crusading politician fights the evils of drink and prohibition.

9th, 8:00 PM Love Me Tonight (1932)

9th, 9:15 PM The Prizefighter and the Lady (1933)

9th, 11:00 PM Night Flight (1933)

10th, 12:30 AM Thirteen Women (1932)

10th, 1:45 AM Penthouse (1933)

10th, 2:45 AM The Barbarian (1933)

10th, 8:00 PM King Kong (1933)
Monkey business.

15th, 6:00 AM The Match King (1932)
Warren William strikes a… chord?

15th, 5:30 PM Play Girl (1932)
A young innocent falls for a compulsive gambler.

15th, 6:30 PM Old English (1930)
A bankrupt businessman risks everything to provide for his grandchildren.

16th, 6:30 PM Men in White (1934)

19th, 10:00 PM Footlight Parade (1933)

20th, 6:00 AM The Great Lover (1931)
An opera star falls in love with his protegee. Starts a day of Irene Dunne films.

20th, 7:15 AM Cimarron (1930)

20th, 9:30 AM The Secret of Madame Blanche (1933)
A murder brings together a woman and the son she’d given up years earlier.

20th, 11:00 AM No Other Woman (1933)
A rich couple is driven apart by their wealth.

23rd, 7:30 AM Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

23rd, 8:00 PM The Thin Man (1934)

25th, 11:30 PM It Happened One Night (1934)

28th, 8:00 PM Pleasure Cruise (1933)

28th, 9:30 PM Wedding Rehearsal (1932)
To avoid marriage, a nobleman schemes to marry off the eligible women on his family’s list.

30th, 11:00 AM When Ladies Meet (1933)

30th, 2:45 AM Design for Living (1933)

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Mark A. Vieira · November 28, 2016 at 1:53 pm

Thanks for the update. Lots to enjoy. Some of these titles couldn’t be seen for decades. But, as I constantly had to remind my classmates in high school in the late sixties, Kong is not a monkey. He is an ape. Rest ye merry.

Mark A. Vieira · November 28, 2016 at 1:54 pm

Be sure to let me know when you move to L.A., and we can plan a 16mm pre-Code series.

Vanessa (@callmeveebee) · November 29, 2016 at 2:27 am

December on TCM is going to be the best ever!!

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